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I suggest using a laptop or phone for the music but it is great for an intro




I’m trying this app out

Video maker with music

It’s awesome. I got no negative words


It’s easy to work with the only problem was the music 👍🏼

No picture select option

I means, it’s nice for making just single text intros, but it does have any options for selecting your own pictures from your gallery. In my opinion in this quite annoying. If there is a way to select pictures from my own gallery please tell me. It says it’s a video maker but I can’t even choose pictures in my Photos.

Awesome app

This is a awesome app


My music is not working for anything! I have tried multiple times and it just won’t work. I’m disappointed.


looks awesome for videos and intros

Not 4 serious video creators

The sound affects are perfect for teenagers who are goofing around. If you are looking to create a professional video this is not the app for you.

not all that good

Okay first of all, it won’t let you save your intro or picture...second of all, there is BARELY anything that is free. I spent some time making a nice little video and all I could do is share it and not save it to photos. I hope this will change, and maybe my rating will go up. -Thank You

Read Please!!

So I Have One Problem.. And Its Intros Because I Like It But Needs More Stuff Free Like Maybe More Sounds? And Music? If Not Can You Tell Me How To Add Videos To It? Like My Videos In My Photo Library I Really Wanna Do That For Editing Gacha Studio And Gachaverse Stuff And I REALLY NEED!! More Sounds And Able To Add Videos And Photos I Still Have This Game But It Gets Boring When You Don’t Have New Updates So Please Take Your Time And Maybe Make Some? 😄

Sing chellgne

Lil baby


Well you see I installed this app to help edit my YouTube videos. But I am sad to say that it kept telling me that I had to buy the full version of the app to put in a video and not even my on video! I had to get another app, so the day I was supposed to post my video I could not because this so called "App" messed up. And also it keeps glitching and messing up. I would strongly not recommend this App

Preview needed.

Preview needed.




Amazing app even without the extra stuff!!!!

Doesn’t work! Like WTH! Ugh

I Hate this! When I was making one of the vids or something, it didn’t let me! I have a YT channel, so I was trying to make a intro and a outro. It does t let me add my own pics! This is such a bad app to use! Don’t download this dumb app! 😡🤬 YT channel: Kawaii Sammy




A little confusing and hard to figure out... but once you’ve got it... it’s great!

Not that great.

I am looking for a lyric video maker and I can’t make one because the same text will stay for the whole video.


Other than it always telling u to rate it’s a really helpful app I was making a ya Channel and it helped me make my intro 👌🏾

Never stops

I deleted it and it still charges me. Please help.

Don’t get this app!

This is the worst app ever u can’t add music and u half to pay


You should really give more storage for vids 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Good App

It’s fun to use, and easy to maneuver. I like the record feature.


I’ve deleted this app and my card but my card is still being charged.....!!!!!!

App subscription is definitely destroying the App Store

Been a day one Ipad & Iphone owner and to see all of these app developers turn into greedy creators has really left me with the idea that I may return back to my MacBook. Charging a weekly or monthly subscription for a app that’s barely average and crashes most of the time you use it has gotten out of hand. I have Final Cut Pro, Adobe photoshop, logic. These are all professional full blown softwares that I purchased once and do everything I need. Why would I ever invest monthly for a garbage app. Please wake up developers, please. App subscription is definitely destroying the App Store

This thing is trash

I try to make a video and it did not work

Thief !

Your review might disappear if you are honest and tell the community this app and developer is a piece of trash. Don't buy unless if you want to be cheated out of your product.

Not enough of options

Sorry, but this App just keeps playing the song over and over and over without stopping! Not good!



>:( 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

This app won’t help one bit so don’t share It it’s the stupidest scam ever!!!!!

The App

Good app overall there are some small problems but the app is great and helpful.


I loved using this app, good quality, and graphics.


It kept on kicking me off

This is a good app ❤️😂

Good app

The choices for intro very bad

At first I just thought the app dose not seem that bad but it totally is the choices to make a intro are not just boring but not useful at all.

Love this App

I LOVE THIS APP♥️♥️♥️ #Logan4Life🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸



Didnt save

I made an intro for my youtube channel and i had all the music in the right place and everything perfect but it didnt save! I am so frustrated PLEASE FIX THIS BUG! Its a great app but whats the point if you cant even save what youve created?!

I can't even save what I've worked on

I've tried to create my brothers foot ball highlights using this app for fun and had to start over about ten times before I got the perfect video and when I when to share it, it went blank and I couldn't get the video back! This app made me very frustrated and was hard to work on.... I don't recommend this app for creating videos and what not.

Absolutely horrible

This app is horrible. The HD is horrible and the intro’s are blurry. It’s a waste of time and finger energy. Don’t download. Don’t use.

The music

This was soooo hard to do i kept on trying to add the music but it never worked

Paying for things that don’t work

I emailed the developer before I decided to write a review , but after asking for a screen shot of my issue that I sent back, I never got another response... I payed for everything to be unlocked, and the “more clips” is flashing but it’s just blank, won’t let me click on anything...


😟😔😞🙁😕☹️😣😖😫😩 I’m disappointed in this app...

Screw Off

F*ck you I spent money adding music but it didn't work. Now my mom is gonna get mad I charged her for nothing.

It’s good

Bryce Gilty

Great app

This app that I cant send it to YouTube but ya


Music isn't working, tons of glitches

  • send link to app